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Took a ride to really break in the 22.

Eric Naff fit bike Co BMX bikelife

All my ride spots were occupied so I found some new stuff. Loosened things up and tightened my headset and chain after.

Eric Naff BMX bike life bikelife fit bike Co
I hate when people post up on this ledge

Day After Ride

Eric Naff fit bike BMX bikelifeEric Naff Long Beach BMX bikelife

Rode the day after the 4th. Love this bike. Perfect size.

Went to hit the ledge at the pool but that was fuct. People suck. It’s summer, so there’s nothing else for these people to do but be in the way.

What An Asshole

Eric Naff news BMX bikelife stupid people

So some asshole decided to protest children being removed from families coming across the border.

What she did was ruin everyone’s holiday because they evacuated the area.

You got your attention, now fuck off….


So every day there’s something….

Eric Naff bikelife BMX skatelife stupid torture
There’s gotta be somethin’….

Parents are like, “why aren’t you married yet”? These people. Really? This is a punishment I guess.

Every Day

It seems every day just gets harder and harder. I try to care for and help folks but all I get in return is a hard time.

BMX Eric Naff bikelife bike fit bike Co
BF 22 by Fit Bike Co

The harder I try to make things better in my life the more terrible things happen. It’s like I’ll never get ahead.

BMX bike bikelife Eric Naff fit Bike Co
Animal team pegs

Luckily I picked up this 22 awesome machine. I love it. Rides so well. Riding helps me clear my mind. Focus.

Hopefully I get to ride more. Hasn’t been working out. Never get any me time. Will have to figure that out.