Needed A Break

Hot at the other house. It’s a dry heat in the desert but still like 90 or something. Needed a break though so drove the two hours to hit some new ride spots. Hittin’ that park of Fred Warring to warm up. Wait…. It’s already warm. I know a golf course is the last place to expect me livin’ but it’s chill …and my neighbors like me cuz I’m not an air bnb douche. 

Eric Naff Long Beach palm springs golf Haro bikes BMX
SDV2 By The Pool
Eric Naff Haro bikes bmx
SD Chillin’
Eric Naff Haro bikes bmx
Eric Naff BMX Haro bikes bike life
Let the Sun Shine In

Dope Ride

I’ve been lovin this SD! Great geometry and solid parts. I don’t usually get completes, but this one is sick. Great Demolition parts and the Markit denim seat is comfy. 

Eric Naff Long Beach Haro bikes BMX bikelife
Beautiful Day In Long Beach
Haro bikes Eric Naff bike life BMX long beach
SDV2 Performing Arts Center